Illumination Workshop

At Mac’s Patch families can have fun exploring how to grow healthy habits for life, together.

The Magic Play House has had the immense pleasure of providing production and design services for the Illumination Workshop as they grow their life skills resource Mac’s Patch.

Kylie Penn founded the The Illumination Workshop as a Charitable Trust in 2014. Their mission was to support children and their families with key information on essential life skills that help them develop healthy habits for their longterm wellbeing.

This has not changed but, due to ongoing funding issues, the Board elected to deregister their charitable status and dissolve the Trust in March 2020. To this end the Illumination Workshop was brought under the banner of The Magic Play House, who is commited to continue the not for profit work and fulfill the original mission within a Social Enterprise structure.

Mac’s Patch continues to grow with the release of a new health and hygiene album called Jack Rabbit’s Good Habits. There are also plans for a webisode series later in 2020, based on the topics from the album, and a live touring show in 2021.

There are also many characters from the Mac’s Patch family that are patiently waiting for their time in the spotlight, so watch this space!

You can support the work of the Illumination Workshop by letting us know about your experience with Mac’s Patch, feel free to buy a song or album from any online music store or stream our music and tell your friends about it.

Or, if you like what we do at Mac’s Patch and would like to see more, you can help us reach our full potential by making a regular donation. Every cent counts and we will make it go a long way to supporting a child to find the skills to make life the best it can be.   

Get in touch below and we will send you the details about how you can do this.

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